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Outdoor Limited Edition galleries showcase cutting edge outdoor adventure photography from around the world.

These prints are exclusively limited to only 100 editions and are therefore rare collectible items and won't be seen anywhere else.

To see more images or info about the photographers please visit www.patriklindqvist.com or the stock photography agency Outdooria www.outdooria.com (Outdoor Image Agency) 

Also featured in the galleries are photographer Fredrik Schenholm. Showing some of his best adventure images from his worlwide travelling.


Fredrik Schenholm

Is an adventure photographer and educated geologist based in Göteborg, Sweden. He spends most of his working hours in the mountains capturing outdoor activities like skiing, climbing and hiking.

Fredrik has captured skiing images high up on Mount Everest as well as from the summit of the world's highest active volcano, Cotopaxi. He has climbed Mount Blanc, Matterhorn and Eiger. Last year's highlight was a 60 hour sail and ski adventure through winter Atlantic to the island of Jan Mayen, the world's most Northern active volcano.

"The ultimate experience would be to shoot skiing on a full on ash and lava-spewing volcano", says Fredrik with a big smile.

Fredrik's images are published in major magazines world wide as well as for major outdoor companies as ads, in catalogues and on websites.

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